Calling for a Shift

We are dedicated to advocating for survivors of sexual & domestic violence through programming, services, and community participation, centering on their experiences and striving to provide trauma-informed care You can join us in this work by taking advocacy into your communities.

Interpersonal Advocacy

Advocacy work starts in our day-to-day interactions. It starts in our homes by modeling healthy relationships for our children and their friends and listening and supporting our friends when they share their experiences.

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Neighborhood Advocacy

Advocating your neighborhood means inviting discussion and creating spaces to work towards a violence-free Utah. Encourage your friends, church members, or peers to host a discussion group.

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Community Advocacy

You can carry on your advocacy work through your community in impactful ways, including encouraging prevention curriculum in your schools and volunteering and donating with your local service provider.

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Policy Advocacy

On a state and federal scale, advocacy includes encouraging your representatives to support policy that empowers service providers to continue their work and protect survivors. No action is too small.

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Discussion Guides

Interested in holding space for conversation on issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault? Dialogue is a critical part of change, and creating space, either in-person or virtually, is an excellent way to join us in our advocacy efforts. You can access a host of discussion guides courtesy of Living Room Conversations below.