The Mission & Vision

Stop the Violence Utah is committed to ending sexual & domestic violence by raising awareness, providing prevention & advocacy tools, empowering survivors, and promoting investment in our communities and systems.

We envision a world free from sexual and domestic violence. By uniting as one, utilizing the unique perspective we bring, we believe we can spark real cultural change & dialogue, empower survivors, and build a Utah where sexual and & domestic violence is non-existent.


We are committed to educating our communities on sexual & domestic violence, including the varying ways it may occur and how an individual’s unique identities may inform their experience and ability to access services.

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Primary prevention strategies are helping our community prevent instances of violence before they happen, reducing risk for future perpetration & victimization.

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We are dedicated to advocating for survivors of sexual & domestic violence through programming, services, and community participation, centering on their experiences, and striving to provide trauma-informed care. We

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We know we’re all in this together, & financial contributions help us continue to provide life-saving and life-changing services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence across the state of Utah.

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